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Anaerotic adhesive

Anaerotic adhesive

Anaerobic adhesive, referred to as anaerobic adhesive, is a kind of adhesive composed of (meth) acrylate, initiator, promoter, stabilizer (inhibitor), fuel and filler. At present, the commonly used single package adhesive, which was developed in the early 1950s, is one of the most important types of acrylic adhesive. It is one of the fastest growing gum species in the last 20 years. There are many varieties of anaerobic adhesives. In order to meet the needs of various uses, the viscosity of anaerobic adhesives varies greatly, such as watery, dense toothpaste, anaerobic adhesives have high strength, moderate strength and low strength, etc.. The anaerobic adhesives are classified into five categories: thread locking anaerobic adhesive, pipe sealing anaerobic adhesive, substituting gasket type anaerobic adhesive, structural anaerobic adhesive and special purpose.

In 1998, the domestic anaerobic adhesive production was 205T, which has met domestic demand, and partly exported. In 2005, it has reached 560t. In the future, it is mainly to improve the stability, improve the product quality and storage stability, enhance the water resistance, temperature resistance, dielectric properties and rapid curing properties.


Anaerobic adhesive is characterized by: in contact with oxygen (air), stored for one or two years will not solidify, and in the isolation of oxygen (air), a few minutes to tens of minutes can be said to be glued object positioning, and soon solidified, play the role of bonding, sealing. In addition, anaerobic adhesive also has the following characteristics.

1. anaerobic adhesive viscosity by high molecular weight (methyl) acrylate with low molecular weight (methyl) acrylate, relative ratio adjustment between the viscosity of a wide range of viscosity adjustment, only adding low molecular weight solvent, so the anaerobic adhesive curing shrinkage rate less glue interface stress.

2. anaerobic adhesive can be cured at room temperature, and some adhesive joints can even be used at higher temperatures, so anaerobic glue can save energy, easy to automate the flow line.

3. anaerobic adhesive strength range is large, easy for users to choose.

4. anaerobic adhesive for single component adhesive, stable quality, easy to use, no contamination of other containers, with the amount of glue, no waste.

5. the permeability, vibration absorption and tightness of anaerobic adhesive are good.

6. anaerobic glue generally no solvent evaporation, the use of pollution-free production.

7. anaerobic adhesive joints and air contact of the outer glue is not solidified glue, so it is more convenient to remove the remaining glue.

8. the storage period of anaerobic adhesive is generally more than one year, so it is easy to use in production.

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