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Basic introduction of synthetic rubber adhesive

Basic introduction of synthetic rubber adhesive

In a large class of adhesives, the synthetic rubber adhesive, synthetic rubber adhesive is defined by using low molecular compounds as raw materials, through the chemical reaction of an adhesive composition, the elastic rubber adhesive for synthetic rubber as the main body of the called synthetic rubber adhesive, generally has the advantages of corrosion resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance and heat resistance.

There are many kinds of synthetic rubber, here is not with you introduced one, here to introduce you to several common rubber adhesive chloroprene rubber adhesive, nitrile rubber adhesives, polysulfide rubber adhesive, Ding Ji rubber adhesive, polyisobutylene rubber adhesive agent, styrene butadiene rubber adhesive, silicone rubber adhesives, chlorine sulfide polyethylene rubber adhesive rubber and polyurethane adhesive.

Because of the different properties of various synthetic rubbers, the properties of the adhesives are different. There are many kinds of rubber adhesives, such as glue solution, adhesive film, adhesive tape and putty, but the amount of glue is the most.

Rubber adhesives play an important role in adhesives. They are widely used in aviation, transportation, construction, machinery and light industry. It can be used for bonding rubber and rubber, rubber and metal, as well as glass, wood, plastics, leather and fabrics.

In order to improve the properties of hot melt adhesive, reactive hot-melt adhesive was developed. After all, hot melt adhesive has the incomparable advantages of other kinds of glue, its fast curing, pollution-free and so on, attracted the extensive application of packaging, woodworking and other industries.

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