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Electronic component fixed glue

Electronic component fixed glue

Because the electronic components can protect electronic components and increase the service life of electronic components, it can play the role of waterproof, moistureproof, dustproof, insulation, heat conduction, secrecy, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and shock resistance after curing.

At first, the sealing of electronic components is that epoxy resin sealant has small shrinkage, no side product and a little electrical insulation property. Unfortunately, it is easily cracked after the cold and heat cycle is limited by the molecular structure itself. It can only be used for the sealing of electronic components under the condition of normal temperature.

In order to solve the defect of easy cracking of epoxy resin sealing adhesive after cold and hot cycle resistance, polyurethane sealant was developed after it was developed. The environmental adaptability of the polyurethane sealant is better than that of the cold and heat cycle. However, when the surface is too soft after actual use, it is easy to bubble, not fully solidified and high. The temperature curing is brittle, the surface of the potting is not smooth and the toughness is poor, the aging life is short, the UV resistance is poor, the color change is easy, the acid and alkali resistance is poor.

Finally, after continuous research and development, silicone silicone was born with a wide range of suitable temperature range, can work normally at -50 - 250 - C, high and low temperature, electrical insulation, oxidation stability, weatherability, refractory, hydrophobicity, corrosion, nontoxic, tasteless, and physiological inertia. Processing will not be deformed in the machining process, with excellent electrical properties and good physical and mechanical properties. It is applicable to high technology fields with harsh working conditions.

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