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Nondestructive testing of different kinds of materials for bonding

Nondestructive testing of different kinds of materials for bonding

In addition to testing real time samples, UY bond can also be used for nondestructive testing of bonding quality, which is the non destructive testing of bonding parts to ensure reliable and reliable bonding quality. Several methods for nondestructive testing of adhesive parts are briefly introduced.

First, the visual method is used to observe and inspect the appearance of the adhesive by artificial observation or magnifying glass. It mainly checks the spillover of the bonding place, and the bonding quality is good in the uniform layer, the thickness is suitable and the glue is free.

Second kinds of soft metal percussion with ends rounded short rods, or organic glass production of small hammer knocking at the bonding surface, according to the percussion sound level, crisp hoarse, dull to analyze and judge the bonding compactness, degumming, layer thickness.

The third way of vibration and vibration detection is to use transducer to excite the vibration of the tested parts. The vibration is different with the bonding quality, and the vibration can be transformed through the ring.

The fourth kinds of ultrasonic detection methods mainly include pulse echo method, ultrasonic penetration method and ultrasonic velocity measurement method.

Fifth kinds of X ray detection for the detection and metal detection principle is similar to that of X when ray adhesioned, part of the X ray absorption properties, energy and material absorption itself huge thickness, no ray uptake were recorded on photographic film, to identify defects of adhesive structure according to the brightness, photographic film depth.

Besides, there are nondestructive testing methods such as thermal detection, vacuum detection, holography and so on, but these methods are relatively limited. Therefore, they are not introduced here.

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