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Rosin resin adhesive

Rosin resin adhesive

The formulation of the solvent is an example. The name of the raw material (1) (2), rosin resin 100100, castor oil 5517 [preparation method] is used to pour rosin into castor oil and stir it at 90 degrees to make it dissolved.

The content of basic resin formula example (copy) raw material name (3) (4) (5) 100100100 rosin resin water 808080 - 1513.7 - 111.25 caustic soda ash, preparation method, preparation of alkali should be slightly excessive.

Rosin resin adhesive

In the process of alkalization, it should be stirred and maintained at a certain temperature for 5~6 hours. After 1~2 hours of continuous heating, the free alkali disappeared completely, and it was completely milky. The clarified preparation is obtained by the re cooling.

[use] can be used directly as the bonding of metal material, especially metal foil packing material, and can also be used in the production of sticky paper. In combination with other water-soluble resins, the alkalization resin of rosin resin and other adhesives can improve adhesion, drying and stability. Also used for wax production.

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