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The composition of the adhesive

The composition of the adhesive

The main ingredient of the adhesive is adhesive (synthetic resin and rubber etc.), in addition to solvent, curing agent, plasticizer, filler, tackifier, antiseptic and so on.

As for common adhesive paste, sticky paper glue; used for bonding board, plastic adhesive, epoxy resin, phenolic resin etc.. After cutting the worn table tennis balls into the mixed solvents of acetone and ethyl acetate, we can get a kind of milky white colloid solution after mixing and dissolving. The popular name is "table tennis glue", which is used to stick up the broken table tennis balls and make the binder of the aviation model.

The "PVC adhesive" sold on the market is formed in a mixed solvent of polyvinyl chloride resin dissolved in chloroform and cyclohexanone. It is mainly used for adhesion of rigid or soft PVC plastic products, such as adhesion of PVC floor adhesive and decorative board, PVC pipe water bonding, etc., and it can also be used for mending raincoat and plastic sandals. The broken silk of cotton fiber -6 is dissolved in a mixed solvent of chloroform and phenol, and it can be made into nylon product adhesive for the use of nylon products.

The "rubber water", which is used to repair the inner tube or other rubber products of a bicycle, is about 5% of the rubber solution formed by natural rubber dissolved in benzene. When used, wipe the perforated inner tube and the subsidized film with sandpaper, and make them rough on the surface. Then smear a thin layer of glue on them, then paste them together after a little dry. Organic glass fragments are dissolved in chloroform, and organic glass adhesives can be obtained for adhesive plexiglass products.

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