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the conference of "strengthening labor discipline and improving the efficiency of work efficiency"

Hunan MAGPOW group Co,Ltd holds the conference of "strengthening labor discipline and improving the efficiency of work efficiency"


On September 11, 2017,Hunan MAGPOW group Co,Ltd headquarters staff labor discipline and attitude reorganization conference, by the group's chairman Mr Yuan (in), deputy managing director (left) Wang Lihua, trade union chairman (right) Li Ning preside over the meeting.


First,Temporarily forward beyond the line

     Chairman of the Board made an important speech: the total sales in the first half of 2017 compared to last year, an increase of 40 percentage points, more gratifying is that the Group has five new products will soon be listed, will replace the original backward products to meet market demand, For the stone processing enterprises a substantial cost savings, product technology, performance to the country and the world's advanced level, has been a high degree of recognition of the Ministry of Housing and Urban, and will be the Ministry of Housing and Urban "key recommendation products" to promote the country.


Second, the award of advanced tree model 

   In order to develop new products, the chairman of the group led the technicians to travel around the stone manufacturers and stone enterprises around the world, visited the world's top stone adhesive experts, after more than five years of efforts, and finally developed at home and abroad advanced stone adhesive products, Tell us: as long as you are willing to work hard, there is no offense is not broken!

   Chairman of the Group praised a group of love to study, dedication, do not care about personal gains and losses, hard working, love and dedication, outstanding performance, motivated, for the Group of the outstanding staff, to give up to million yuan in cash awards, Difficult staff will be difficult to give "people, financial, material" and other support, you pay the company, the company as you as a friend! And do not hesitate to return!


Third, increase incentives to encourage employees to advance

    The latter will be on the work of outstanding "excellent staff" and "outstanding management cadres" to increase incentives


Fourth, strict discipline, style remediation "vulgar inaction"

    On the failing to prevaricate, did not play, work time do not do business (play mobile phone, play games, browse the relevant network Page, etc.), do not love learning, no leadership and staff to give severe punishment, the work of no performance or poor performance of the leadership and staff, if necessary, will take some measures.


Fifth, strengthen the protection of trade secrets

         Protection of intellectual property rights is to protect the business tomorrow, strict business secrets is the most basic professional quality of all employees. With the continuous development of new products, listed, some bad competition business began to stir around, through a variety of channels to inquire, delusion to get my group new product formula, the formula once the disclosure will directly affect the interests of employees and groups, bring immeasurable losses; A lesson, the Group will be responsible for the business secret to the individual, for the sale of product formula "ghost", will be more severe to combat, directly pursue its criminal responsibility.


Sixth, cadres choose who can live

    Talent selection, not to learn the hero of the school, have the ability to dry, timely and properly completed the task assigned to the higher level, reasonable arrangements for subordinate load work, so that people-oriented, from the "eat, live, line" to care and help employees, Good state put into work, can only become a good management cadres.


Seventh, Be charismatic

    As a charismatic person should have the performance of the work to be prominent, the behavior should be civilized, to parents must have filial piety, to the family must have a sense of responsibility, to the community should have public morality.Learn to carry a grateful heart of things, and constantly improve their own quality, regulate their own behavior, to believe that your charm can enhance the overall image of the Group.



We all the staff should carry forward the spirit of the master, and establish the point of view---"I am proud of the prosperity of the factory and ashamed of the decline of the factory" .To believe that our effort will be looked in the eyes, in mind by company. Let us in the leadership of the chairman and leader , tenacious struggle, forge ahead, to strive for outstanding Magpow person and work hard!

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