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The correct use of adhesive can achieve the effect.

The correct use of adhesive can achieve the effect.

Adhesive use to pay attention to many problems, only the correct use can achieve results, do not underestimate this work, if not careful, will affect the bonding effect in the future.

If AB two-component adhesive, to carry out the proportion, and according to the needs of the proportion, before use must be fully stirred evenly. Single component solvent or water type, must be mixed evenly when used. For solvent based products, after coating, they must be aired to a less sticky hand before being glued. The surface of the object to be bonded must be kept clean, can not contain water, grease stains and other stains, in order to achieve the best bonding strength, the object to be bonded after polishing as far as possible. The design of the adhesive joint determines the bonding strength. Adhesive use, must be ready-to-use, must not stay too long, such as rapid curing, generally not more than 2 minutes. If it is required to have high strength and fast curing, it can be heated according to its condition. It should not be too thick when applying glue. Generally, it is better to use 0.5mm. The thicker the glue, the worse the bonding effect. After general bonding, to apply pressure or fix with tools, if necessary, the best bonding after 24 hours.

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