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Theory of adhesive diffusion

Theory of adhesive diffusion

Diffusion theory, bonding between polymer materials is due to the mutual diffusion between geothermal stop motion caused by adhesive and adherend surface molecules or segments of each other, between the adhesive and adherend interface gradually disappear, forming firmly with the intertwining of bonding strength of the joint increased with the extension of time the maximum value, if the adhesive is coated with solvent to form the adherend surface, and the adherend surface and swelled or dissolved in this solvent, then the mutual diffusion effect is more significant, the bonding strength is high, because the main factors of adhesive and adherend mutual diffusion is adhesion, the adhesive strength and their compatibility on.

The bonding between polymer materials can be divided into the self bonding of the same polymer materials and the mutual adhesion of different polymer materials. The former is the diffusion of the same molecules, and the latter is the diffusion of different kinds of molecules. The results of the two kinds of diffusion all make the adhesive interwoven with the molecules of the sticky material, forming a solid bond.

However, the diffusion theory can not explain perfectly the bonding effect between different polymer materials, and the bonding between polymer materials and metals can hardly be explained.

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