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What are the uses of UV shadowless gum?

What are the uses of UV shadowless gum?

Before choosing UV shadowless glue (UV glue), it is necessary to find out the material to be bonded. The commonly used materials of UV shadowless glue (UV glue) are as follows:

1. The bonding of inorganic transparent materials, such as natural crystal crafts, glass crafts, of course, there will be crystal and crystal phase bonding, crystal and glass, crystal and metal, glass and glass, glass and metal and other materials.

2. Adhesion of transparent plastic materials, such as PC, acrylic/PMMA, PS, ABS, PVC, PCB, TPU and other common transparent materials. These transparent plastics stick to each other separately, except PP, PE and POM materials.

3. Bonding of green sheets such as APET, PET, PETG, GAG and other glued products.

4. Medical grade shadow-free glue (UV glue), such as: common materials are PVC, TPU, PC, silica gel and other materials, used for laryngeal mask, breathing mask, disposable medical needle, medical hose and other medical supplies.

5. Optical lens bonding, such as: DV camera, mobile phone camera, digital camera lens, lens of microscope objective and other optical lens bonding.

6. UV glue for mobile phone keys, such as P+R mobile phone keys, is used for bonding silica gel keys to metal, silica gel to PC materials, silica gel to ABS, silica gel to ink layer or electroplating layer.

In addition, there is also a full virtual key-press photoresist (UV glue) for PC sheets, such as: PC, PET sheet key-press transfer coating glue.

7. Shadowless glue (UV glue) for ornaments, such as silicone buttons, metal signs and badges, high-grade buttons and other handicraft surface covering and dropping glue, as well as the epoxy system, there are soft glue and hard glue, but the main difference is that shadowless glue yellowing resistance, UV light curing, fast speed, high efficiency, etc. Oxygen system has no yellowing resistance of UV system. Epoxy is cured by curing agent. The two curing methods are different.

8. Shadowless glue (UV glue) is applied in the electronic industry, such as: sealing of LED, fixing of LED pins, reinforcing of electronic wiring, electronic components and connectors, PCB circuit boards, etc. It plays the role of sealing, moisture-proof, insulation, protection and fixation; PCB circuit boards, solar panels and other surfaces are covered with waterproof, moisture-proof and protection. The shadowless glue (U Vjiao).

9. Anaerobic Shadowless Adhesive (UV Adhesive), which can solidify and bond without ultraviolet light, is mainly used for the bonding of opaque materials, such as metal, ceramics, buzzer, stone, plastic and other opaque materials. It can be bonded firmly without UV lamp solidification.

10. Of course, there are also UV curing with sunlight, such as safety glass, bullet-proof glass, art glass, etc. Although this will slow down, because it is inconvenient for indoor operation, it is usually cured with sunlight, because the area is large enough and not in time. And this method is energy saving and environmental protection, of course, the amount of glue used in this field is also very large.

Ultraviolet glue (UV glue) is usually cured by 200-500 nm ultraviolet lamp (UV glue). There are many kinds of artificial ultraviolet light sources, and the power difference is very large. Small power can be as small as several watts, high power can reach tens of thousands of watts. The larger the wattage, the faster the curing will be. Shadowless glue produced by different manufacturers will be cured. Speed is also different.

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